Bit by the Bug

I’ve still been pretty hesitant to jump back in to PVP since the last few times I’ve tried, it hasn’t loaded properly and the lag has killed me.  (And probably my computer as well.)

But I’ve wanted to.  Really wanted to.  Even popping in to Vladire’s garrison the other day while we were testing the transmog guys (mine apparently just hates me) I noticed he had the Gladiator’s Sanctum.  I’ve been considering ripping out my trading post and putting one in, especially for a shot at the title: Lady of War.

My arena buddies even keep prompting me to do it more, and aside from the “Oh god, is it going to work?  Will I be able to move?!” I just haven’t found the time.

This morning though, I got a huge rush to jump back in.  Hell, maybe even give it a go as a Balance Druid which I have been struggling more and more to enjoy.

Figured I’d give another go at the Music Roll: Angelic this morning.  Last night became a blood bath at the arena, which was fun, but didn’t really work out for me.  Thought I would pop by before work really kicked up this morning and it became a showdown between a Horde Shadow Priest and myself.

That belf was geared to the teeth.  Full Warlord’s Season 1 gear and pieces filled in by Heroic and Mythic gear.  (I’m sitting in Normal and some Heroic Pieces.)  I thought for sure she’d make quick work of me but we ended up having a really good fight and I flew away with about 30k health left and the music roll.

That awesome rush along with a cup of coffee this morning and I’m buzzing with the thought of jumping back into PVP more.  Maybe not just as a healer, but as a boomkin.  Maybe I’ll jump in a bit this afternoon.

Happy hunting everyone!

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