Clearly not “That” Druid

I can’t possibly be the only one when it comes to PVP that has a love hate relationship with Druids.

When I started PvPing as a rogue in Vanilla, dear lord I hated Druids.  They were just impossible to kill.  I remember one just laughing in Gurubashi arena as he tossed rejuvs on himself as I furiously tried to kill him.

10 years later, the majority are still impossible for me to kill.  The shifting.  The versatility (not the stat).  The mobility.  Any time I see one, I usually run the other way…

Because I am not that type of Druid.  I’m usually okay, but I am not one of those Druids that is insanely hard to take down.  Don’t get me wrong, I want to be, and I certainly try to better myself so maybe one day I can be, but as much as I love to PVP, I’m just not as quick with my reaction and rotation as others.

I have my days where I’m pretty awesome at it, but this expansion, that’s really not the case.

So far, I haven’t really gotten in to PVP that much because our internet connection wasn’t very stable or able to let me even see opponents when I’d try to PVP.  We finally got moved and settled and I have a decent connection, but I still didn’t really grab the opportunity to do much of it, which means I have no gear whatsoever on Silent.  (And with the conquest nerf, that’s going to be a slow grind I believe.)

Regardless, the guys got me going in 3v3 last night.  Last expansion, I primarily ran with two hunters.  Looks like this season, we’ll be having some fun as a hunter/death knight/druid team.  Once I get a bit more gear, I think I’ll feel better about arenas again, because being blown up by all the things is just no fun.

On the bright side, we did go out with a bang.  We flipped specs around throughout our run.  Our last match, our DK went tank while I boomkin’d it out a bit.  That feeling of exploding something is always pretty awesome!  Especially when you blow up two paladins and a hunter.

Looking forward to another round.  Cheers!

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