Healers are great and all…

Healers are great and all. I should know.  I usually end up playing one in some form or another.

And any time you enter into a battleground, you immediately notice how many you have or better yet, don’t have.

I’ve been pretty lucky to meet some awesome folks PvPing as a healer.  It’s nice to know there are still some folks out there that know how to protect their healers.  Like the paladin that tossed a bubble on me before I was completely taken out during an Alterac Valley game where we were constantly stopping the Horde from taking our Graveyard.  Or the really neat Deathknight I met in Battle for Giles that stuck around with my friends and I after I shifted to healing to break that “Why are there no healers here” curse we run into more often than not.

With the holidays, I’ve found myself buried in work trying to stay caught up.  (That’s not going so well, but I’m getting there.)  I really haven’t had too much time to log on lately.

I did get suckered in to a quick game the other day and of course, no healers.

Yes, I know I could have been our healer, but when you’re slammed with work and need a quick break, trying to keep 10-15 people alive while 10-15 other people beat the snot out of you is not my idea of a sanity break.  I need carnage that isn’t my own destruction.  I need to drop moons on people.

So there we are, no healers, the Horde has 4 or 5 healers and everyone in our Alliance group is already freaking out at the gates of Kotmogu.

I’ll admit, it was a bit dicey at first, but once we found a rhythm and realized they loved to bunch up a lot, it was probably the best game I’ve had a chance to play lately.  Not only did we win, but by a pretty nice margin.  And it’s absolutely satisfying to drop a giant moon on 4-5 Horde healers at the same time.

Sweet victory!

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