A golden Trait

Reminiscent of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory, I kind of want to run around singing “I got a Golden Trait!”

I finished out the new attribute section of my Balance weapon yesterday and lo and behold, I saw an increase in my damage.  (Thank goodness, I would be freaked out if I didn’t.)

I’m going to dive in to the logs this weekend to try to better understand what’s going on. The raid leader and I were chatting on Twitter than I just didn’t think I should see that vast of a difference between what I can put out on target dummies and what I’ve been seeing from myself in raids and dungeons.

However, running through Heroic Nighthold and TOV tonight, I did stay above the tanks, which is a step up.  A bit step up for me.  🙂

We’re getting there!!!

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