Demon Hunter Overboard

WoWScrnShot_051417_131142A couple months ago, my husband and I streamed the play through for the Demon Hunters.  It took us that long because there’s just so much to do this expansion.  /cough cough, farm AP until you die…

We got through it.  Went to Stormheim, and there they sat.

This weekend, I pulled mine out to tool around on and ended up getting a little overly in to it.  Slicey Dicey Demon Scruffy came out to play and went from 101 to 107.  I revisited her during yesterday’s stream where she went to 108.  (And off a cliff.  Thanks Fel Rush.  And Thanks Farondis, for not helping me at all and just waltzing back to your broken down palace.  Sheesh.)

I’ve gotta tell ya, one moment I feel amazingly powerful and awesome!

And then the next, I’m killed by two measly demons or naga.  It’s kind of an all or nothing.  Probably more to do with the fact I’ve been playing my druid so long, I’ve forgotten what it’s like to be a tad under geared.  I’m a little squishy.

But it’s fun and maybe I’ll actually have another 110 before the next expansion. 🙂

Also, gliding from Dalaran to anywhere is the best way to travel.  Even if flying is faster.

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