Flying Boomkin

It was brought to my attention that the druid didn’t actually talk about her druid form.


I seem to forget sometimes that when I stream, it doesn’t mean it gets updated here.  So many of the stories and updates I have happen there and I kind of forget to post about it later.

I’m a little absent minded.

So class mounts.

I’m in love with the Hunter one.  Flying wolves? Heck yeah!

And my husband’s charger he got for the Paladin quest line.


Ugh.  I look like a flying Boomkin.

Majestic or Derpy AF?

I get why we got a new form, because Druids…we’re shapeshifters.

But as a mount collector?  I hate that we didn’t get a mount to add to our collection.

To to add insult to injury?  We can’t actually use our new form unless we’re in an area we can fly it.  Our form does not double as a ground mount like the rest of the class mounts.

And I think I look like a flying moonkin.  So I guess you could say over all, I’m not too pleased.

Bright side, at least I can carry around a buddy.  But I already do that with the Heart of the Nightwing mount.  So…mrr.

But it is nice to have Serbear carry me around.  He gets to carry the firepower around.  Sort of.

How about you?  What’s your favorite class mount so far?

  1. Alunaria

    You said it all.

    Although I like the colors of the Worgen version, that is about all the posivite things I have to say about the Druid Class Mo-oh, sorry, form, indeed.

    I cannot believe it made it to live; it seems so unpolished and the ability to carry a passenger seems forced in some way, messing with the camera angle too.

    I toggled the old Flight form version back after a few days, sadly 🙁

    I wish I could get the Hunter Mount. I adore it so much.

    Thank you for sharing, some of us, well me, anyway, are “just” bloggers, without watching streams etc. so I imagine I miss out on a lot 🙂

    • I will definitely remember that in the future. I’m not sure why my brain went that way in the first place. Then again, it is just like it to skip over the simple things, like “hey! Mention what you’ve been talking about lately” and go a completely different route. Lol

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