Roles and Lore

And then suddenly the influx of druids we had are now….



… hunters?  What the?

Not really sure what’s going on now.  Not sure if all druids decided to switch or not, but Tuesday’s raid only had one druid in it…Serbear.  As a boomie.  Not a bear.  The heck?

Awesome news, I’ll be joining fellow GirlStreamer emixpemix on her stream as a guest on Saturday.  You might recognize her from hanging out in chat during my midday stream.  She’s across the pond and on Saturdays, usually right after my stream, she’s streaming and talking about the Warcraft lore.

The story is a big part of what hooked me to World of Warcraft in the first place and I used to be well versed in it.  I’m a tad rusty, but I’m really looking forward to this stream.  I’ll admit that this weekend’s topic, The War of the Ancients, isn’t one that I know a great deal about, but I’ve noticed, there’s a lot of current Legion content that deals with that event.  (Have you caught it?)

I hope you’ll join us!  3pm CST (10pm Em’s time!) on emixpemix’s channel.

  1. Alunaria

    I am tempted to roll a Hunter for that gorgeous Class Mount they have gotten myself. Maybe that’s why! 🙂 How are you liking the Druid form?

    • I have not been impressed with our new form. As a mount collector, I don’t like being cheated out of a mount truthfully. We can’t use it in ground areas either. I lovingly call it a flying boomkin, because as a Worgen, it kind of looks like it.

      • Alunaria

        I hear you; I am not too fond of it either. It seems ‘forced’ to make it into a 2 person “mount-but not really a mount-form” as well.
        I toggled it off not long after I got it. Sadly. Oh, well. 🙂

      • Alunaria

        I like the Worgen colour most of all, if I should chose, though. Its the white-ish one, right? Puzzling enough!

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