Who to Pew pew

I think a lot of Boomkins are frustrated this expansion.  I want so much to be on par with everyone else, but I feel like I just keep falling short.

And then here’s my hunter, already putting out the same numbers with less gear.

So the question is, who to play in Tomb?  Because they’re both fun to play.  But I feel like I’m holding everyone back on the Druid.  But who’s to say I won’t hold them back on the Hunter?


  1. Sar

    Funnily enough I’ll be posting a couple of blog posts explaining exactly why I’m ditching my boomkin. I’ve had enough tbh.

    • Yeah we really got the short end with the legendaries, where you have to have the right combo. But even then, even in ideal situations, we’re still a heck of a lot lower than others. I was going to test some theories tomorrow night but I think the Hunter will be going in her place.

      • Sar

        Yep, I’d have probably done exactly the same, except we’re overloaded with Hunters atm in raids 😐

        • Yeah we seem to be missing some of our regular hunters. Probably the only reason they asked me. And we suddenly have 6 Druids in group.

          • Sar

            lol, just as Guardian gets nerfed hard and Balance continues to be mediocre :/

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