A couple weeks ago, the raid group I’ve been running Normal/Heroic/ and even some Mythic forays with fractured.

What happened or why it happened doesn’t matter.  They are all good and amazing people.

I didn’t really realize how many seemed to really enjoy running with me until we all started looking at where we wanted to go and what we wanted to do in Legion.  My BattleTag list grew a great deal after this.

While a good majority went to another server and found a home in a larger guild that runs Heroic and Mythic raids and encouraged me to come with them, I wasn’t really sure that was what I wanted to do.

I have some friends from Vanilla that have wanted me to come Hordeside and play with them since Warlords.  I started to a bit during that expansion, but felt guilted in to staying where I was on Cenarion Circle.

The last couple weeks though gave me some time to sit down and think about what I wanted to do and what I enjoy.

Going with the Ally guild mates, while I really do enjoy playing with them and hanging out with them, I didn’t want to go to a larger guild that is more focused on Mythic Raiding.  Already being pretty established in Heroic, it was doubtful I would see any type of raiding with them.  And Mythic raiding, while enjoyable, isn’t where I want to spend my time.  It’s challenging and rewarding, but the time invested in it to be able to do it well is not something I am able to contribute.  Even if I had the time to run multiple raids and raid nights to be prepared and geared for the nights Mythic progression goes, it’s more of a full time job and I feel like I would lose the fun that I have in there.  I certainly wouldn’t be able to keep the fun, light hearted stream I have now.

Not to mention, they went to a PVP server.  I like PVP, but I like being able to choose if I want to participate or not.  I’m not sure I could guarantee that I won’t throw my keyboard or something in frustration from getting ganked while questing.

But I wasn’t sure I wanted to transfer my Worgen to the Horde.  Right now, I can still PVP and run dungeons and Mythic + with my friends cross server.  My Worgen Druid is the toon I’ve spent a considerable amount of time with this expansion.  I enjoy her the most.  And I put a lot of work in to getting her to the point where she is now.  She would be the best suited to raid Horde side, but I’d lose being able to play at the same level as my Ally Friends.

Not to mention the artwork I just had done for her.  🙂

So there was a lot to debate there.  It was something we talked a little bit about on the Podcast.  My stream had quickly become three nights of Raiding with very little in between with the Heroic and normal runs on top of the Mythic nights when we were in Nighthold.  I definitely enjoy raiding.  More so that I’ve been able to do well in Heroics lately.  I enjoy the progression, the challenges, and the content.  I didn’t necessarily want to give that up.

But I’d like to be able to have stream days where I can goof around, level alts, or run content with viewers.  That doesn’t really happen during raids.  (Okay the goofing off does, because I can’t turn off the snarky commentary.)

So again, what to do?  On the GirlStreamers podcast, the host invited me to work on their raids Horde side, but that would be an extremely casual affair.  But it would be awfully fun with her and the folks she runs with.  At least, if they’re anything like her.

Another GirlStreamers mod extended an invitation to come to her server and guild where they are working on Heroic and wouldn’t mind another ranged DPS that is open to healing.  Bonus, I could stay Worgen.  But it’s a PVP server as well.  Although not the same one my friends went to.

She even put me in contact with her raid leader and I ran with them last week cross server.  She was right.  They are my kind of fun.  They’ve got that mix of serious/get down to business when it comes to it, with that random, childish humor.  Okay, maybe they’re not childish but I felt comfortable enough to joke with them and even blurted out some singing while in raid.  (There was complaining that no one had played Linkin Park yet, so I started singing some.)  Their leaders have formally invited me to join them and that I have a place there if I want to transfer or I can continue to come on raids cross server.

I did level the Horde Druid this weekend with the thought that I could play there a bit.  It’s still an option, but I was informed (during stream on Saturday actually) that I’m not allowed to stream any runs there.  Not unless there is no sound.  My viewers weren’t too happy about that when I got the news.  My friends that want me to play there aren’t too happy about it either.

So yeah, a lot of stuff I’ve been kicking around the past couple weeks.  Right now, I think what I’ll be doing is joining Carize’s Alliance runs with my Worgen.  I’d like to join a few more before I pull the trigger, but I’m about 85% sure that I want to transfer her there and join them.  Even if it is a PVP server and I’m going to get my butt handed to me.

For the time being, since the raid nights are different, I’ll give the Horde Druid some love with my friends and maybe join them a bit.  I might not be streaming, or I might be able to if I can get the onboard mixer to work and keep Discord from Broadcasting.  I’d actually prefer my streams that way anyways.  Sometimes Discord gets extremely distracting for me and I don’t like talking over it.  If I have the option to be able to still listen to it in my headphones but not having it broadcast over the stream, I would be in heaven.

And if things just suck everywhere, there are still plenty of other things to do in World of Warcraft.

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    Yeah, a lot of that going around. I just haven’t felt the urge to play recently. Look at the login screen, try to make myself do it, say fuck it, and alt-f4 out.

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