Tomb of Sargeras

WoWScrnShot_062717_215149Two weeks in to Tomb of Sargeras and most of the guild is singing the praises.  It is really great to be in new content.

Warcraftier is currently 9/9 Normal and 5/9 Heroic.  Go team!  We should be seeing Mythic Content pretty soon which is definitely pretty exciting.

Now that I’ve been in a few times, in both Normal and Heroic and even a jaunt in to LFR Wing 1 on an alt, I’ve been mulling over the break down of fights and groups taking on the new content.

At it’s core, Normal and Heroic really come down to how your team works together.  There are many fights inside that require you to move together as team.  Just one person off doing their own thing can botch the fight for the rest of your raiders.  Specifically thinking about Maiden of Vigilance and Kil’jaeden, where with Maiden your infusion groups need to stick together to grab their infusion orbs to boost their damage and healing to take down her shield and in KJ’s second phase with the fog.  Scattering to be the one to find Illidan is a good way to lose your Hit Points faster.

Fights like Mistress Sassz’ine and Sisters of the Moon have a lot happening at once.  Adds to switch to.  Stuff on the ground to get out of.  Things shooting at players to stand in.  Debuffs to run over to other areas of the room.

It’s a lot to take in.

But don’t let it scare you.  These mechanics, while challenging, are fun.  And there are even a few fights similar to Nighthold.

Like the first boss, Goroth.  On Normal, Old Pit Lord infernal thing is quite like Skorpyron Mythic.  You’ve got your pillars that you need to hide behind and any damage that goes off around them, destroys them.  Since you need them to take the majority of the damage from the meteor/rolling ball of doom also known as Shattering Star.  That’s the targeted one pointing a giant arrow on the ground.  Put some spikes between you and Goroth and you’re fine and the raid wide damage from the star will be reduced.  Healers will thank you.

WoWScrnShot_062717_223253You’ll also need them to hide behind for Infernal burning, which is the raid wide damage he’ll do.  It’s a decent cast bar, so get yourself back there when you see him throwing it up.

Other than that, just like with a lot of bosses, take the things he targets you with (crashing Comet) to the outside of the room away from the spikes so you don’t kill him.  In normal, tanks can just plant him in a spot and go to town.  Running out when they get the Burning Armor and away from the spikes, since they will explode when the buff falls off which will, you guessed it, destroy the pillars.

The Demonic Inquisition is another one where your team should be talking to each other to work with the interrupts on Belac’s Pang’s of Guilt.  Members will need to listen to their rotation order and then backups for the interrupts in case folks are down in the cage getting rid of their torment.  Tanks will need to be talking to each other so they can swap who’s in the cage and who’s tanking.  And healers will need to be on the ball staggering their dispels of Echoing Anguish.  You won’t want to dispel that right away since the player will need to take it away from the raid.  Dispelling it in the raid makes the torment on surrounding players go up substantially.

Like I said.  Seems like a lot going on, but aside from watching your Torment stacks and listening to your teammates, it’s pretty easy.  Attack Belac until he does Fel Squall, then switch to the other guy.  Don’t attack him when he’s spinning around.  He’s the only one that can be tanked, so put him at the side of the room, raid on the other and you should avoid getting sliced up.  Use your extra action button to go into the cage and get rid of your torment (Full torment means you don’t really do any damage or healing.)  The other tank should be tanking the add in there.  Smack him a bit and collect the orbs he drops to clear your torment then use your extra action button to get back out of there and do it all again. (Hey, this kind of sounds like the amalgamation in Siege of Orgrimmar…)

I have complete faith in you going in and working on this content.  Whether checking it out in LFR or going in with a group on Normal or higher.

Don’t forget to check out the beautiful scenery in there.  It is pretty darn amazing.  I’m hoping my group might make a detour to go find the art developer’s NPC boss in there.  I hear she drops PVP gear.  🙂

RP Spotlight is tomorrow, until then, have a wonderful day!

  1. Alunaria

    Thank you for the “sneak peak” and info on the place. I have not had time yet, but hopefully next week, I shall be exploring 🙂

    Go team, indeed! Wow, remember when it took months to see any noticeable process on heroic raiding? So much sure has happened.

      • Alunaria

        Yeah, I sadly have no time to raid anymore, I just do LFR, but I usually stay behind when everyone has left to explore a bit 🙂

  2. John Fugate

    You know? It is funny, I found a new group on Fizzcrank to run with hordeside, transferred/faction changed, played for about a week, and then fear of having another breakdown/fear of getting to know new people/so on an so forth, and I have emergency deeped on them all ahead flank and havn’t played in almost a week. I am such a clown.

    • You’re a wonderful person to play with. 🙁 Sometimes it’s hard to just sit back and roll with new people. It’s okay to enjoy the ride with folks. 🙂

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