Long Forgotten Hippogryph

I feel like every time I fly over Azuna, I see the crystals for the Long Forgotten Hippogryph.

After screwing it up for myself one day on stream, I was able to successfully complete it a few days later.

This hippogryph is very pink and purple.  Not something I’d really use on my druid, even if she wasn’t able to have a flight form.  I actually really love the Hippogryphs.  I used the Cenarion War Hippogryph for a long while.  The Silver Covenant one is a favorite for my Paladin and Shaman.  And when I was able to recruit my husband to WoW, I picked up the Emerald Hippogryph which is actually on my Druid’s button bar to use.

It’s a nice feeling when you can complete the race to find 5 ephemeral crystals before someone else, but that color scheme….

Thankfully, it looks pretty good with my Demon Hunter.


About a week ago, I ran across the crystals in the zone again and tried to help Whinchester, who had come to my rescue in an invasion, get a hippogryph for himself.

Sadly, that last one was not one we were able to find before someone else.

But we got another chance this weekend.  Flying in to Azuna to do the Murloc Freedom quest, lo and behold, there’s the one by the tower there.  And then another one behind the turn in for the murlocs.

I snatched up Whinchester again and we took off.  We had three in a relatively short time.  (It was hiding in the water by the academy.)  Then he found one hiding in the pirate cave.

And the fifth one?  It was finally discovered up by that crazy Warlock and Demon hunter holding the demon captive up by the well.

Success!  And a shiny pink and purple hippogryph for Whinchester!

I’m so glad we could go back and get it done for him.

And I’m kicking myself now for forgetting to snap any screenshots of the two of us on our mounts.  Oops.

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  1. Alunaria

    I am a big fan of those too! Congratulations 🙂

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