BFA: Honor

Wowhead released over the weekend an Early Look at the New PvP Talent UI in Battle for Azeroth.

While I’m not a super hardcore PvPer, I enjoy battlegrounds.  I enjoyed arenas in Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King.

This expansion, I really liked the separate talents, even if as a druid, I was out of bar space to really accommodate the new abilities and I’m still not maxed on Prestige. (Need to buckle down and go to town on that!)

Taking a look at what they’ve found so far in Battle for Azeroth Alpha, while incomplete, I’m intrigued.  It looks like in BFA we are going to have a lot of customization with many things.  While I’m sure you’ll have your cookie cutter specs/talents/etc, I like that this can lend itself to create different builds that benefit different play styles.

At least, that’s my speculation which I’m basing off of the old talent trees.  I consistently ran a hybrid of talent trees that worked for my play style and let me excel at it in our raid and dungeon groups.

Of course, if more customization is the case, this gives me more opportunities to mess it up too.  😀


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