Hero’s Journey: Part One

There were so many questions she couldn’t answer.

Who put a staff in her hands…or more accurately, claws?

How was it decided she was capable of going to war in the first place?

Was she ever trained for any of this?

“No…probably not,” bear chuckled.  “But you were thrown in the fire and ran with it.”

Bear had a point.  She couldn’t quite recall the days before the Gilnean’s that had survived had started running for their lives.  It was that trial and chaos that had brought her companions to her in an explosion of mental uncertainty.  But none the less, they were there to stay.

They at least were capable.  Bear had her strength.  Cat her fangs and claws.  Cheetah his speed.  The Stormcrow his wings.

But what did Silent have aside from a stick?

“Staff,” bear corrected.

A staff.  The others lent her their strengths when she asked.  And sometimes when she didn’t.  But the worgen couldn’t help but feel she needed to bring more to the table.  Especially now with rumors flying that armies were mobilizing back on the main continents.

War was coming.  The war with the Legion had barely begun to end but the energy all around her warned that something new was coming.  And their king had commanded them to be ready to face whatever came their way.  

And so the training would begin.  The training she had never had to face the inevitable combat ahead.

Gripping the staff tightly between her claws, she set her resolve to face the challenge ahead.

Hero’s Journey Log as told by Scruffy:

Day one:  Press start?  Okay.  It’s just like logging in to Warcraft.  Or queuing for a dungeon.

Four exercises?  Doable.  Absolutely doable.

15 reps in to side leg raises…oh dear god.  We’re going to need to do Level 1.  60 reps?  Let’s do three sets of 20.  Yeah.  That’s a bit more manageable.  Guh, why does everything already feel like it’s on fire?

Squats.  Yeah.  I got this.  No Book.  Don’t bite the hands.  Or the feet.  Shit shit shit.

Toe Tap hops…Why does my hip not move at all?  It’s supposed to move right?  It did before, I know it did.  Oh god.

Mountain climbers…First 10, I got this!  /Warcry

15 in…ankle shoots back “Not today!”  “But…come on, ankle!  You’re not broken!”

25 in…”I swear I will snap our tendons and bones in half if you continue with this shit, Scruffy.”

30 in…”Okay…fine.  We’ll work on getting better at this, okay ankle?”  “Go F yourself, gamer idiot.”

“So…how was your first day of training?”

Flops down on the bed, letting the staff clatter to the floor, cat whispers back to bear, “At least she’s not the only one that can’t keep up with the new recruits.”

Day two:

Training is to resume in the Eastvale Logging Camp in Elwyn Forest.  Make your way there.  You have a day to get there.

She could have asked the Stormcrow to fly her or the cheetah to run her there, but this was something she felt she needed to do on her own, so she retrieved her black mountain horse from Gilneas and began a slow walk out of Stormwind towards Goldshire.  She’d pause for a quick lunch at the inn before heading East towards the logging camp.

The ride would give her time to recover and to reflect, but she couldn’t let her guard down.  Not fully.  The forest was famed for being full of bandits and thieves.  Even if you stayed upon the main road, travelers always ran the risk of being preyed upon by the unsavory characters.

The commotion just ahead at a bend in the road caught her attention, so she quickened her steed’s pace to find an older man being shoved between two bandits while a third was pillaging a sack of belongings.

With a guttural growl, she leaped from the horse unhooking her staff from her back.  To his credit, the bandit that had just shoved the man towards his companion paled at the sight of her.  When he turned to confront her for interrupting their sport, he was met with her staff across the side of his face.

With a crack and that unnatural growl that the Worgens had become known for, she had their attention now as their companion swayed unsteadily, momentarily dazed.  The bag dropped, forgotten from the bandit’s hands as he pulled a dagger from his belt.  The other pushed the old man aside and trained a cross bow on her.

Pulling natural energy from the land around her, her fur began to harden like the bark of a tree.  “You have one chance to walk away,” she growled.

The crossbow bolt hit her shoulder, but it bounced off the bark.  That was all the invitation she needed.  The staff came down with a thunderous crash, sending out a wave of wind from the impact, blowing the crossbow wielding bandit off his feet.

The other came at her with the knife as she spun to meet him.  She punched his face before bringing the staff around to slam into his gut.  The knife dropped as the wind was forced out of him.

The one she had hit earlier was coming to his senses, looking from one comrade to the other.  She wheeled around to glare at him, energy beginning to crackle around her.  Sensing she was moments away from unleashing her wrath upon them all, he took a few steps backwards before making a mad dash for the forest.

Roots sprang up, grabbing them all.  When she was satisfied they were held in place, she turned to the old man.

“Are you hurt?”  The man flinched at her voice, but he seemed to relax at her question.

“Yes, I believe so.  Thank you.  I’m not sure what would have happened if you hadn’t come along.  I might have never made it to Goldshire.”

“I’d be more than happy to escort you if you’d like.”

“I…well, if it isn’t any trouble.  That would be very kind.”

I ended up combining day two and three because frankly, I couldn’t really walk after Day One.  Dear lord.  Squats.  There are so many squats I may just keel over.

For Day Three, I choose the magic ring as my armor/weapon.  Boomkin?  Core-kin?  Sure.

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