War of Thorns: Part 3 (Finale)

The ship creaked and rocked with the movement of the waves as they sailed to Lordaeron.  One clawed hand holding on to the rigging, the Worgen’s mind replayed the events of the week.

The flames of the tree were burned into her mind.  She had taken the hippogryph and flown as fast as the creature could carry her to Teldrassil.  The flames were catching and spreading quickly.  As she made a pass over Darnassus, she saw the civilians running to The Temple of the Moon, that is where she urged the hippogryph to take her.  It took flight again once she slid from its back and rushed into the moonwell lit sanctuary.

“My child!  Has anyone seen my child?!”

“The flames have walled them in.”

“The Craftsman’s Terrace…I made it out, but the shop above…I don’t think they got out.”



“…any one…”

Help us, voices cried from all directions.

Bear and cat were overwhelmed.  In shock of the events unfolding.

But the Queen.  Her Queen.  Mia Greymane was there.  She had taken charge.  Directing people through a portal to Stormwind.  Tending to the wounded she could.  Directing efforts.

“If you can help, there are many still unaccounted for.”

Help.  Yes.  Even if the others were stunned and unsure, the Worgen could do that.

With the Storm crow’s wings, she carried as much water as her bucket could hold, dousing the flames where she could.

The tree the Gilneans had made their home within the walls of Darnassus, her wings took her there.  So many were trapped within.  Beating back the flames, if only for a few moments, they were able to flee.

She looked for those on the upper levels of buildings where the flames were growing ever higher and while she saved a few, too many were still trapped.  With this many flames, her attempts to douse the fires…they could have been spitting on the flames and it would have done the same amount of good.

And the smoke.  It eventually caught up to her and overtook her too.  Even the Storm Crow could not keep her aloft and she fell.

She would never know who found her and took her back to the temple, but when she came too, the Priestesses were still standing vigil, praying to Elune for those still trying to escape.  Her King, in his full worgen ferocity had charged through the portal.  She was staggering to her feet as she heard him plead with his queen to flee.  “The child…the others…save them,” she urged him as she swayed dangerously on her feet.  The smoke was over taking her as well.

“I will save you both,” she heard the King say.  She watched him take the child’s hand as he scooped up Queen Mia in his other arm.  For a moment, she locked eyes with him.  He pushed the child into her clawed hands before grabbing her shoulder and shoving her through to Stormwind.

They had made it.  Others were not so lucky.

And now Lordaeron grew ever closer.  They would march upon it.  They would reclaim it.  One city for another.  King Wrynn was taking them to War against the Horde.

“This isn’t war, this is retribution,” she thought.

“Is it not the same?” Bear inquired.

That had a point.  Did she think there should be justice?  Yes.  What happened to Darnassus was more than a casualty of war.  It was a blood bath.  One started by the enemy standing safely on the shores of Darkshore.

But she was uneasy.  There had to be more to these events.  What was the motivation?  What was the end game?  Was there one?

They had made landfall.  The initial landing had carved a path to the gates, destroying the town of Brill during their march.

King Greymane and King Wrynn were leading the assault.  Her personal questions aside, she was loyal to the Alliance, to the Night Elves that had saved her people, to her King that had lead them out of Gilneas, and to the young King whom Greymane stood with.  She would see this through to wherever it lead.

Cat charged forward when the assault began.  Pulling orcs and trolls off her brothers and sisters in arms.  The Worgen felt a rush of pride as the large feline’s claws caught the wing of a wyvern and pulled it and its rider to the ground where a Draenei paladin’s mace could smash its armor and bones.

The battle was intense and soon the air was filled with smoke from shredders, demolishers, the gunfire of the canons in the assault towers the Alliance pushed steadily towards the gates.

And the tank.  It had a different scent than the others.  She tried to place it as the scent hit her nose.  “Silithus?  Could this be the azerite?!”

Both sides were losing much, but they were gaining ground.  They could almost touch the gates, but then the barrels starting raining down.  One smashed next to the feline, sending her jumping to the side as thick green smoke began to billow forth from the broken barrel.

Blight, she heard them call it.  As it began to cover the field, killing Alliance and Horde alike, something else began to happen.  The Banshee Queen began to raise the dead.  These were not her forsaken.  These were skeletons of the fallen, rising to attack them.

Enraged, cat made to charge into them and rip their joins apart.

The Worgen grabbed her and held her back.

“Fall back,” they were commanding.

“You cannot help with this,” she told the feline.  “But perhaps I can.”

The army of the dead were advancing on them, cutting down the alliance in their path.  Others were succumbing to the blight.  She called forth what forces of nature she knew that could clear a path.  A typhoon swept forth to push the blight back.  Those within the clear path, she sent out blasts of rejuvenating energy to renew their strength and hurry them towards their retreat.

They had almost been pushed back to Brill when they knew they could not outrun the Blight.

“We did what we could,” bear consoled her.

The Worgen was not satisfied with that answer and gave a shiver as a chill went through the air.

She glanced up just as a wave of ice shot forth across the battlefield, freezing all within its path.  The wonders would never cease to shock and amaze her.  Above them was a flying ship.  Not at all like the Skybreaker that was meant for the skies.  This was a great galley of the waves that was sailing the skies.  She could just make out the image of a woman aboard the vessel.

“Jaina,” she heard King Wrynn whisper.

With the field frozen, they could advance again.  She released Cat and they took up the charge once more.  They heard canon fire above them.  One of the walls they were approaching took the brunt of the fire.  They had made an entrance.

The battle within was almost as bloody as the battle that had taken place outside the walls.  Inside though, the creatures of the Undercity awaited them.  Abominations.  Forsaken.  Their numbers were far greater than their own and that bastard Nathanos Blightcaller was leading them.

Still, they would press forward, odds against them or not, they were committed, but not without surprises of their own.  The cat watched in her childlike curiosity as a void tear opened up in front of their ranks and gnomes, machines, and void elves poured forth.  The other Windrunner sister…Alleria.  Was this the second time that elf had intervened at the last moment to save her life?

Hooks crossed with swords.  Gunners assaulted shredder saws.  The Horde and Alliance were locked in battle again among the ruins of the city of Lordaeron.  The fighting continued most of the day.  Every time they made headway, they met another underhanded setback.  The Horde retreated further into the city, exploding machines filled with Blight to block their way.

Gyrocopters ferried them out in small numbers so they could regroup back inside the main courtyard.  Her rescue copter landed just in time for her to witness King Anduin Wrynn knock the vicious battle axe out of an orc’s hands.  Many around the young king to take the life of the orc.  To her surprise, the orc was lead away in irons.  “Take him to the Stockades.  We will discuss honor when I return, Saurfang.”

Moving aside to make way for the guard and the chained orc, she was able to get a better look at him.  Recognition came to her.  This was the one that had thrown an axe into Shan’do, yet the King spared him.  This made twice now that leaders had given this orc his life.

Was that pride she felt?  Perhaps.  It did make it easier to follow those in power and they were close.  This surely meant that they were closer to securing the city.

The Kings were making their way to move in.  Reports were coming in that Sylvanas was cornered.  Greymane, Anduin, Alleria, and Jaina were moving in to take her in to custody.  While others moved to secure all accesses to the courtyard, others moved to the gates.  Cat wanted to follow after the leaders with a few others, but ended up taking up a position just outside the courtyard to keep an eye on the hallway they departed from and the courtyard they had left.

Time slowed to what felt like ages passing between each breath.  There was a stillness in the air and for one brief second, there was nothing.  An unnerving hush swept through the air, pressing down upon her before an ear splitting scream came from the direction of the Throne room.

The feline turned to dash down the hall to the Kings but was thrown back by an explosion that blew out the wall next to her.  Broken stones and crumbling mortar became shrapnel as explosions through the city went off.  And mixed in all of the debris that rained down upon them, she could see before she lost consciousness, was the unmistakable greenish smoke of the Blight.

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    I have loved reading this. Seeing everything experienced from another perspective and the details you add are wonderful. Thank you! 🙂

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