Adventure League Time

It was a crazy long day and week last week, which made our first night of Adventurers League a bit of a late night, but it was worth it.

It was the best after having a long day of work where I just wanted to smash something and I could!  Thank you Paladin girl’s Battle Axe!  WOO!

I’m constantly amazed by the groups of people that love Dungeons and Dragons.  It really can reach a plethora of people.  All ages.  All walks of life.

Some people just don’t know what they’re missing, right?

Anywho, we’re a group of 8 which includes the Dungeon Master, who is DMing for us while he’s stationed at our Air Force base here.  One of the guys has been playing since first edition, there’s another married couple, Mr. Scruffy and I, and two other gentlemen, one of which is playing a paladin as well and the other is playing a very, very old halfling (Which is also what Mr. Scruffy is playing.)

I loved that the DM laid down the phone rule.  (Please don’t be on Facebook or playing games.)

I also really liked that he got us all involved with coming up with Villains, contacts, and events we want to see happen.

Watching everyone bring their characters to life, I’ve got some work to do on finding my little Dragonborn’s voice.  Right now, she’s just a “tired, hard ass that’s tired of all the fighting and death around her and has some how become good friends with a Cleric obsessed with giving people their last rites.”  >.>

Yeah, I’ve got some work to do.

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