Adventure Time!

Today’s the day!!!

Well, tonight actually.

I’ve really wanted to play in a game as a player and roll some real dice, instead of virtual ones.  (I want to be able to jail the bad ones and choose my dice weapons…all sorts of nerdy things.)

I’ve also really wanted to play Dragon Heist.

And today I get my wish!

A newcomer to the area wanted to start running the Adventure League Dragon Heist Campaign and Mr. Scruffy and I signed on.  3 hours on a Wednesday night?  Let’s go!

I’m trying something completely new.  Okay, everything in 5e is technically new to me, but most everyone sees me as a Bard or Druid.  Bards I’ve played in other editions.  I play a Druid in the online campaign I’m in and she’s my first ever table top druid. (She’s also pretty damn fun, surly, and a bit murder hobo.)

To be honest, my class choice was absolutely inspired by this photo.


I rolled a Dragonborn Paladin, who will be going down the Oath of Vengeance path.  That is, if she doesn’t die tonight.

Knowing how much I love healing in Warcraft, Cleric has been something I’ve wanted to play around with.  But I do love smashing things too.  So, why not a little bit of both?

We’ll see how it works out and if the play style for the pally plays like I’m envisioning.

Oh, and Mr. Scruffy?  He made a Cleric of the Grave Domain.  We’re war/death buddies.  LOL

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