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We’re coming up on about a year of me running a Dungeons and Dragons campaign.  I talk a lot about it in Loot Optional in a segment called Campaigns and Cantrips.  It’s pretty much a misadventure guide of all the things I run across in learning how to DM and play 5th edition and teaching new to table top players about the game.

It’s a pretty awesome disaster and I love it.

Even though I feel like I fail miserably at it…

But that’s why this year I’ve decided I’m going to do a better job about studying up and becoming familiar with the material.  With new players and me being new to 5th edition, there’s a lot of mechanics to sift through.  And listening to Critical Role doesn’t always make it super clear.

Like this week’s conundrum:

Critical Hits double the dice.  We roll, then double that instead of rolling twice the dice.

But…does that apply to the Poison on an attack?  It’s dice that is part of the attack.

Some folks say no, as it’s additional damage.

Some say that if a successful saving throw would negate the effect entirely, it wouldn’t be doubled.  But if a successful saving throw would only half the damage, it would be considered part of the damage attack and be doubled. (I’m in this camp.)

I think every week I’ll pose one of these conundrums and random stuff I come across.  Oh, and thanks Reddit for teaching me that RAW and RAI are Rules as Written and Rules as Interpreted.  Not some weird reference to meat. >.>

What do you guys do at your table for Critical Hits?

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