A TPK…sort of

Oh man.  DnD has been interesting the last week.  The week before last, the Saturday group I play with online, we did a bad thing.  To be fair, it certainly seemed like our DM kept egging us on to solve the puzzle, since we were rolling so low.  In truth, we shouldn’t have solved it.  We should have left it alone.

So here’s 6 level 5’s that light up some statues and release a Lich.  Yeah, that’s a CR level 21.  That’s just…bad.

And we picked up on that this weekend.  We all fully expected to TPK outright, much to the disappointment to one of the players where everything was wrong, horrible, unfair…etc.  (Hey, we made a bad choice and these were the repercussions.)

Amazingly, 3 and a half people made it out.  I say half because my Druid is currently dead.  The Bard found the portal to Waterdeep and took us both through the portal.  The ranger and cleric were able to get on the other side of the gate of the room and make a run for it.  Which left the Warlock and Paladin…who were killed and raised as a zombie and had the soul sucked out of him respectively.

So it’s possible the Druid will be coming back.  At least the Bard is sure as heck going to try.  It’ll be an interesting next few weeks as we work through it.

As for Adventure’s League, well, we had two go down last week.  One is down for the count and the other…well that’s a story for Tomorrow. 🙂

I have a day off today so I’ll be spending it working on Loot Optional, catching up on paperwork, and hopefully popping back on Warcraft to finish up or at least get further in the Horde War Campaign.  How about you?  Anything fun from this weekend or today?

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