Tetris 99

It’s been how many years since I’ve played a Tetris game?

Growing up, Tetris was my sister’s game.  She was insanely good at it.  Me?  Not so much.  I didn’t spend nearly as many hours as she did on it.

In the years since our NES, I really hadn’t thought about it too much until the Critical Role Dance Party Video (Around 12:43) and lately it’s been what comes to mind when Mr. Scruffy and I hear that music.  Those wonderful Critical Role folks dancing.

And now, there’s Tetris 99.  And I think I may have an addiction.

This also may be the only Battle Royale I have any interest in.

If you’ve missed out on what Tetris 99 is, it’s Tetris…against 98 other people.  Build up your lines.  Clear them.  And send them to fill up other player’s screen to knock them out of the game.

I’m still rubbish at Tetris, although I did surprise myself by 4th place…once.  But I seriously can’t put it down.  I’ve had way too many nights saying “Just one more game before I fall asleep” around 9pm and then finding it’s past Midnight.

Show of hands, who’s playing?

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