Eyes of Bahamut: In Flames

It pains me to watch the destruction of this little town. So much life. So much potential. So much snuffed out by fire and looters.

The half orc hates my kind. She had been tracking the blue drake that harried the town. She’s clever. She knows their kind, but the blue’s movements and mannerisms were puzzling. He is not one of mine nor was this my doing. I agree with the orc lady, the blue’s attacks are half hearted. Perhaps it’s buying time. But for what?

There are shadows there and that angers me. I feel responsible for all dragons actions, even though no one knows better than I that we are not all the same and are capabilities of great good and great evil. We are chaotic, destructive, wondrous, and wise…we are capable of many things with our potential. Just like the human races are.

That’s what also makes us dangerous. That unpredictable nature.

I wonder what the others will do. They’re arriving this evening. I can see their wagon approaching the town. Will this trigger one of those deeply buried memories in the small one? While he’s lost much, his arrogance remains intact. He still has much to learn. Perhaps this is his path to learning those lessons?

One is returning home. I am saddened for him to find his home in flames and ruin.

The other two, they are curious. There are secrets and fear between them. They are not so different those two. But the human, there I sense a deep resolve and determination. That may be the one to watch.

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