Eyes of Bahamut: The Darkness

Despite the insistence of the priests, we don’t see everything. Not always. We may try to keep our eyes on the comings and goings of our world, but the world is vast and our eyes are older than most.

We don’t always focus on our followers either. Just as mortals can, we can learn by watching others, and we do. Frequently.

But there is a darkness these eyes have not been able to peer in to as of late. It draws my curiosity and weighs heavily on me. There are forces at work and I fear that it is growing.

As I cannot intervene, perhaps the mortals can. There are some mortals that, whether they are aware of it or not, have found themselves tangled within the strands of fate. There are a few I have my eyes on that have an air of shadows about them. I cannot say if they are related, but their movements interest me.

What a strange bunch of individuals to find themselves at the same place at the same time. And all heading to the flames of a town called Greenest.

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