Eyes of Bahamut: Blood and Smoke

I watched from the flames as these filthy cultists razed the church. The half elf’s earliest memories of his faith where housed in those walls along with the trapped villagers.

This motley crew. Adventurers they may one day be called, but for now, they lack discipline, skill, and trust. Most of all, teamwork. You can’t expect all strangers to become trusted allies when thrown together in the most dire of circumstances. Still, there may be hope for them. Stranger things have happened I suppose.

I breathed a little easier when they were able to break their own way inside and send the trapped villagers out the back under the cover of smoke. Aside from the soot and ash, with time, they would be okay.

That dragon though, still making half hearted passes at the keep while wagons slipped out of town. There is another there. Maybe not a full dragon, but I sense a half dragon there. Maybe two.

This is a late night and the fires are still burning brightly. The cowards have taken captives now. There’s a blue half dragon taunting the gates of the keep with their prisoners. In his true form, the little one may have had a chance, but that ego of his overrides any common sense that he had. Still, it was honorable for him to stride out to meet the half dragon. True to his word, the half dragon released the prisoners as soon as the halfling’s lifeless body hit the ground.

I like not where this is going. I don’t think these travelers will either.

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