Fable 4 Leak, could we see an Announcement at E3 2019?

Photo: Microsoft

This weekend on Mixer, there was a listing for Fable 4 that popped up out of nowhere. This could suggest a new installment in the Xbox series is around the corner.

Mixer provides an auto-fill of titles for streamers to choose from when they are selecting what they are currently streaming, and apparently “Fable IV” popped up in the auto-fill titles. The discovery came from a Reddit user and seems to suggest that someone at Mixer jumped the gun a bit early. That, or it was a simple mistake.

There have been whispers and reports of a new Fable game in development at Playground Games’ second studio for a few years now. Word of the game fist surfaced back in 2017, and has continued to pop up from time to time. Earlier this month there was a rumor from an alleged industry insider that claimed that the next Fable game is a next-gen title and could be revealed at E3 2019. According to the alleged insider, there’s a chance that the game will be saved for next E3 though. It went to to say that we won’t be seeing the game, which isn’t Fable 4, but a reboot, until 2021 at the earliest.

While Fable fans are eagerly awaiting a new installment, we’re really just going to have to see what happens in regards to announcements at E3.

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