Game of Thrones Coffee Cup finds itself in Skyrim

While HBO may have removed the shot of the coffee cup from Game of Thrones, it’s just not easily forgotten. And while the request on the Skyrim Mods subreddit from DarkMaster06 requesting that “we should add a Starbucks cup to Dragonsreach” may have been a troll, sometimes, we find that we get what we didn’t realize we needed.

Within three hours of the request post going up on Skyrim Mods, two modders – Sphered and Johnrose81 – came through. Each of them took a different approach to the subtle art of crafting a throwaway cup that’s perfect for memes.

Sphered’s take is a non-nonsense approach. Their “Mysterious Coffee Cup” mod adds a detailed Starbucks coffee cup to the throne room in the city of Solitude as well as, per the request, Dragonsreach Keep.

Image courtesy of johnrose81

Johnrose81 went all out and ensured that his coffee cup appears everywhere by replacing any and all tankards. That is a lot of tankards.

It’s also sort of lore-friendly. All of the cups display a logo for “Skyland Coffee” instead of Starbucks, and the mod page reads like fantastical ad copy.

“Skyland Coffee offers all the caffeine needed to rescue a land from Thalmore, Dragons, Skooma Pushers, and Vampires,” it says. “Replace those dreary tankards for a fresh, clean, recyclable coffee cups from your favorite brewer, Skyland Coffee.”

Have fun relieving this Game of Thrones meme inside Skyrim.

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