Head Back to Skyrim in a new Table Top War-Game

Still searching for more adventure in Skyrim? Delve back into draugr-infested crypts and fight in a civil war in Skyrim, right on your table. The Elder Scrolls: Call to arms is a table top miniature adaptation where players will lead followers into dungeons and battles.

Call to Arms is a skirmish war-game with two groups of heroes and warriors trying to smash the other, there’s also PVE threats and narrative events promising to keep things interesting. Players can team up against the game’s monsters and the PVE system also means you can play solo.

The first launch will see a two-player stater set and reinforcement sets for two factions, the Stormcloaks and Imperial Army, focusing on Skyrim’s civil war. To lead them, you’ll get Hadvar, Ralof, Yrsarald Thrice-Pierced, Marcurio, Mjoll the Lioness, Ulfric Stormcloack, Galmar Stone-Fist, General Tullius and the Dragonborn’s companion, Lydia. Yes you will be able to field a Dragonborn, but the miniature is sold separately.

Skyrim’s civil war is the setting of the first wave, but more races and characters are already planned. Future waves will expand on the Skyrim base game, as well as delving into Oblivious, The Elder Scrolls Online, and more.

Expect The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms to be in store at the end of the year.

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