Smash it Up

I was never amazing at Super Smash Bros. But I did master the art of grabbing someone and shell smashing them with Bowser once upon a time. And I always had fun.

So when Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was released, I was pretty excited to try it out and have a new game to play with friends. Even more excited that my parents actually got it for me, considering video games at my age is a baffling thing.

I have never needed a guide so much as I do with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. I honestly have no idea what I’m doing. What the controls do. I can kind of jump. But that’s about it. It’s a bit embarrassing, slightly comical, and a little sad.

It will certainly be an uphill battle to relearn how to play just a normal match. Let alone understand what the spirits are?

Who’s got a primer that this old Druid gal can peruse? 😀

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