The Countdown Begins

See you in November!

The countdown has officially begun to BlizzCon 2019. I’m excited for a lot of reasons. The biggest probably being the Mr. Scruffy gets to experience it with me this year.

But I’m also excited that after last year, I have a better idea what to expect. I know what I want to be paying attention to. I know what I want to bring you guys while I’m there.

And for being such a crazy event, it was by far one of the best parts of my year. I was worried about being a bit overwhelmed, feeling out of place, or just scared shitless, but it was far from that. The opposite. It actually made me feel recharged after I had been so run down from life up to that point. In a sense, I felt like myself again.

Anyways, it’ll be great to see Frostee and Casual Mike again. Serickson will be there again this year as well, along with his wife. Maybe they’ll be a double date night?

And seeing everyone on Twitter talking about it, it looks like a good portion of the friends I made last year will be back and some new ones will be joining them!

Fingers crossed that this year, we won’t have a canceled flight that we have to make a midnight 4 hour drive to get me to a different airport to arrive on time. Even though, that was a pretty fun adventure in itself.

If you’re going this year, let me know!

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