Manduin Love

Okay. I’ll admit that when Anduin was released for HoTs, I was both excited and horrified. Horrified because of the party boy skins and dance. I just can’t shake that image.

Excited though because it’s a fricking priest! Okay, Whitemane was a priest, and pretty close to Disc, while fun to play, it still lacked a feeling of what you get playing that class in Warcraft.

Mr. Scruffy has been taking game breaks during the day and getting back in to Heroes of the Storm and while I was out a bit this week, I got to join him for a few matches. Since Anduin is free to play this week, I thought “Why not?”

One match in and I was hooked. Once you get used to the cast times, he’s a pretty great healer to play. I started out following Icy Veins Manduin build guide, but ended up switching a few talents out in favor of movement speeds, binding heal, and having Divine Star explode in healing for buddies and damage for foes when caught.

My healing friends, if you haven’t had a chance to give the Little Lion a go, especially if you enjoy the priest class in Warcraft, I highly recommend him.

Do the thing, friends!

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