NPC: Anska (Skyrim-High Gate Ruins)

It’s not like I was waiting an incredibly long time, but I couldn’t exactly leave the room I was in when that cat entered. Clawed hands slowly released the tension and lowered her bow to look me over. I sized her up too. Sparks danced across the wood of the bow she held as if it used lightning bolts instead of arrows. A sword rested on her hip and a shield was strapped to her back. Tuffs of white fur peaked out from under the dark leathers she wore and that tail, slowly flicked back and forth as we studied each other.

The Khajiit would have to do.

While she told me her name, I couldn’t be bothered to remember it. I was here for that scroll my family is always talking about. Granted, I hadn’t made much progress into High Gate Ruins what with all the dragur. Even the most battle hardened caster will found their spells failing against droves of those undead fiends. Having another body with me could give me the extra time I needed though to get through them.

I suppose it was kind of that cat to help me. But she was still a Khajiit and they’re thieves and murderers! Maybe not murderers, but definitely thieves! They will steal all the things that could make them a murderer! Or sell those stolen things to other people that will sell them to murderers and there was no way I was going to let her forget it. She seemed disappointed every time I spat it at her as she slipped around corners with her bow out. I made sure to follow too closely and block any doorway she was trying to back out of. I practically dared her to shoot me. What a coward that she didn’t. Ha! I could have gotten my scroll and had her arrested had that happened.

I suppose she was clever. There was that room with the animal pedestals. Not really sure how she figured that one out as she was staring at the ceiling a good long while before she actually interacted with those pedestals, but whatever she did got the floor grates to open so we could descend further down into the ruins.

When we fought, she wasn’t too bad, but she had some terrible shots. She couldn’t even hit anything when I would back into her while I was casting. There was a point she got stuck in a corner as I almost died. What a waste. Couldn’t even get around me to help out in a fight.

But I suppose she did manage to stick some arrows into that old Dragon Priest’s body, Vokun. I could have picked that scroll up off the table myself, but as I had told her to help me, I waited for her to do it. That was the kind thing to do so she could feel like she was a great help after all. But she didn’t even give it to me until she had inspected this giant wall with inscribed runes all over it. One of those runes flew off the wall and practically into the cat. Wonder what that was all about?

Trouble if you ask me. After all, Khajiit’s are nothing but trouble. Pfft. Who would ever believe those rumors that a Khajiit could be a Dragonborne? It’s certainly not that one.

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