Game Review: Yoz

Against my rational judgement, the one that says “Don’t buy stuff you don’t need” I find random things on Kickstarter that grab my attention and pocketbook. Lately, a good majority of those Kickstarter finds are Dungeons and Dragons related.

One of my first finds though, was a game called Yoz.

I’m not fully sure how I stumbled across it, but it looked interesting and it looked like it was one of those games you could play over and over again without it being the same game twice.

And the limited edition set was gorgeous looking.

Since it looked like something that wouldn’t be put on the shelves on our local game stores after the Kickstarter run and that it was a game that could be played from 1-4 players (so if no one wanted to play it but me, I could) I took a chance on it.

Let me say, I was not disappointed.

The game arrived last month and Mr. Scruffy and I sat down to play it together this weekend.

All the points that sold me on it indeed hold true. It’s difficult to have the same game board layout.

The update to the action board (taking it from a list of rolls to action cards you draw) was very nice. It added in some little bits of story telling to the action with dragons taking flight, changing positions, the thief taking advantage of opportunities to sneak into the castle.

It’s unique in the fact that it’s a cooperative game. The game is either won by everyone together, or everyone loses.

The premise is you need to get to the Castle of Yoz to collect the treasure. To enter the castle, you need to collect all of your gems. Your gems give you abilities depending on how many you have, but beware. There are dragons on the board that stand in your way and a thief is trying to get to the castle before you.

So you can work together to help collect each other’s gems, battle dragons together, and keep the castle clear of the thief if it looks like he may arrive before the other players can.

All in all, solid little game.

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