BlizzCon adventures

Traveling on 3 hours of sleep. Anything on 3 hours of sleep is something I don’t really recommend, but here we are. I’m happy to say that I finally got some sleep last night. I did crash pretty hard around 10:30 or so and got a proper night’s rest. Those tired eyes are less prominent today.

While thankfully there were no canceled flights or massive delays this year, it was a still a pretty eventful trip. From incorrectly packaged pickles (Spicy pickles in regular packaging, that was a pretty nasty and dangerous way to start the day), we weren’t the only ones traveling from the ICT to BlizzCon so that was kind of neat, we met a few cosplayers on the Dallas flight. Sat on the runaway during a downpour while we waited for about 4 other planes to go takeoff. Had a family of BlizzCon attendees behind us on the plane and gave one of them my extra badges from last year.

Had a great lunch in Downtown Disney with Serickson and his wife. Met up with our hotel roommates. Got the most amazing ears from Kabul and finally went to hang out for a few at the Hilton with Mr. Scruffy. That turned in to a bit more than we were expecting, as I ran in to some guild mates and got talked in to going to DitchCon.

It’s just fun to be back here where every person you run in to is excited about the same things you are. 🙂

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