Gargoyles Confirmed for Disney+ Launch

Cult-favorite cartoon Disney’s Gargoyles is officially heading to Disney+!

It was uncertain that it would be able to stream on Disney+ North America after it was listed as one of the shows availble to stream during the international test run of Disney+ but it seems that worries about domestic streaming rights keeping it off the North American platform aren’t the case. It will be available on the platform at launch on November 12th.

Co-created by the co-creator of Young Justice, Gargoyles was produced by Walt Disney Television and debuted in 1994 with 78 episodes over 3 seasons from 1994-1997. The show follows a group of nocturnal creatures that turn to stone during the daytime. After slumbering for 1000 years, the Gargoyles are awakened in New York City in the modern era and must adjust to their new life, becoming the city’s nighttime protectors.

I’m pretty excited to see this back. It was one of my favorite shows growing up. How about you? Let me know!

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