Kickstarter: Gameboard 1

I just can’t help looking at awesome table top Kickstarters and the Gameboard 1 is definitely in that awesome category. I want to see this be a success and continue to be developed. Partly because I can’t afford to back this right now, but because I think it does a good job of marrying technology and table top together.

The amount of things a DM would have to carry around to run a game outside the home is just a fraction of the appeal to me. It’s tough for me to juggle computers/tablets/minis/books/etc during games. I don’t really like taking up the entire table. I feel like I take up so much space when I’m playing, let alone when I’m DMing.

But I’m also a visual person. I love being able to see what we’re doing, not just imagining it. It helps me as a player and DM. To have half of all of that on one screen on the table…or to be able to expand that? Game changer. (Not to mention a space saver in my home.)

Check it out for yourself. What do you think? Would you love seeing more of this in the future or playing on one of these?

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