Kickstarter: Table Top Things-All in One RPG Strongbox

There are a lot of amazing companies out there that make beautiful things for table top gaming. Wyrmwood Gaming. Dogmight games. Table Top Things.

I wanted to look at Table Top Things, because right now, there are two cool things going on there.

Some of the neat things I like about Table Top Things are the inspiration tokens and trackers they have. And the ships. Oh good lord those ships. Those ship models alone make me want to run Ghosts of Saltmarsh or do something on the high seas with players.

Good news, their ships and ship bundles are actually on sale right now on both their website and ETSY.

Checking out this sale brought me to the news that they’re in the middle of a kickstarter. Well, more like in the final days of their kickstarter.

The All-In-One RPG Strongbox.

The Kickstarter is fully funded (Way to go guys!) but you still have time to check it out and make a pledge of your very own.

Honestly I like the size of it for carrying all of your essentials and having it on the table while you play and that it has dice slots for the 11 piece sets of dice. While I actually end up lugging around more than one set of dice for games, I think the 11 slot holder is pretty huge. (I’m pretty stuck on sets of 11 for the matching d20’s for Advantage and Disadvantage rolls.) You could probably just remove the tray and put a couple sets there are have them rolling freely around in the rolling tray and other components nook. Or like shown in their campaign video, fit a dice pouch in there with your extras.

Any who, it looks neat and very well done. Grats on the successful campaign! I hope anyone who’s interested will have a chance to back this Kickstarter in the next few days or maybe take home one of those awesome ghost ships for a Halloween spooky one-shot.


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