Robert Downey Jr Is Dr. Dolittle

How flippin’ perfect is this?!

Now that you’ve seen it, tell me you don’t think that’s just perfect. You’re imagining his Sherlock Holmes portrayal as the good Dr. Dolittle, am I right?

Even if you’re not, this is happening! The date has been pushed back and the poster reveal shows that the original name of “The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle” has been changed to just “Dolittle.”

If you’re unfamiliar with the the story of Doctor Dolittle, it’s a popular children’s series that follows the doctor that can speak with animals and he ends up treating them rather than humans. Set in the Victorian-era, there were twelve books in total in the series with the final books published several years after author Hugh Lofting’s passing in 1947.

We’ve seen a few versions of the story make it to the big screen. First Dr. Dolittle in 1967 with Rex Harrison in the title role. Fox remade the film in 1998 with Eddie Murphy playing the title role, but was not based on the books like the 1967 film was. That version had a sequel and then we had a few other spin offs that were centered around his daughter, Maya Dolittle

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