The Katagri Chronicles: The First Descent

Disclaimer: These chronicles are session write ups of our Dungeon of the Mad Mage group. They’re told from the journal entries and viewpoint of the character Katagri Rockwall, a Tabaxi Grave Doman Cleric. She excitable. Stutters. Curious to a fault. And she has no idea what she’s doing. (Pretty much like me.) Dungeon of the Mad Mage spoilers may be ahead. Thank you for reading.

What an odd crew this has become. It took a bit for me to get used to traveling with Jewel, but our little duo has grown a bit. A few more were interested in this so-called business opportunity so we’ve banded together to take this challenge on. I hear it’s safer that way.

Obaya Uday, the priestess that commissioned us all to help her, is a procuring of magical artifacts for some Wizard Collector named Wakanga in Port Nyanzaru? Another place we should put on our list of places to explore.

While Waterdeep is a sprawling city above ground, there is another network of tunnels and perhaps another city beneath it. It’s entrance lies in The Yawning Portal. That giant hole in the floor leads to it. That explains the people going in and barely coming out that we saw last night.

New friends. Or companions. We gained a few last night in the form of a brooding human fellow who calls himself Dais. He has an extremely foul attitude about Troubadours. If looks could kill, that Three Strings fellow that asked us to take a package to Skullport would have been petrified. I think some performers have the ability to shrug off withering looks, but I haven’t really read up on that.

The other looks human enough. Maybe shorter than most humans? I’m unclear on this. All humans appear to be smaller than most Tabaxis. He has a vast array of scarves. Perhaps he’s hiding a sickness or something. He doesn’t seem shifty, just a little unapproachable. His name is difficult to pronounce for me. Baryte. I’ll get it someday without messing up the first part. He hasn’t seemed to mind my stutter yet, so there’s that.

We agreed to make our first descent mid morning the next day so we had time to pick up a few supplies. I’ll have to visit my temple when we return. How long could this possibly take anyways?

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