The Katagri Chronicles: Underground

Disclaimer: These chronicles are session write ups of our Dungeon of the Mad Mage group. They’re told from the journal entries and viewpoint of the character Katagri Rockwall, a Tabaxi Grave Doman Cleric. She’s excitable. Stutters. Curious to a fault. And she has no idea what she’s doing. (Pretty much like me.) Dungeon of the Mad Mage spoilers may be ahead. Thank you for reading.

As far as creepy underground places go, this place is pretty creepy. Kenku skeletons. Carved hallways of demons and devils. Darkness everywhere. And two bizarre factions. Dais keeps warning us about this Xanathar fellow…thing. Apparently it’s a beholder that runs an underground organization that is pretty active down here. Haven’t seen the beholder, but we found some Bug bears that claim to be a part of the Xanathar guild.

They’re at odds with a group called the Undertakers that fancy themselves to be vampires, but rumor has it they’re just washed up bards and actors.  Dais is already gritting his teeth.  I’m guessing he’ll have an arrow knocked and flying before one of them can utter a note.  He really doesn’t like singers.

We may have murdered a group of goblins putting on the strangest puppet show with a skeleton on a rope.  In exchange for leaving with our lives, they’ve tasked us with taking out the Undertakers’ pet…A flesh golem.

This is going to call for some research.  I seem to remember something about them.  Things they may be vulnerable to but all I can think of right now is this picture in my head of a hulking giant stitched together with parts from whatever creatures could be found.  It’s not a very pretty picture.

There’s a curious skeleton down here.  It sits beneath a message on a wall that reads “Talk to me.”  I’ll have to study that spell that lets me ask a few questions to those that have left this plane.  I know it’s somewhere in my prayer book, I just haven’t had much need for it in my travels.  Down here though, any information from any source could be helpful.

We’ve passed a few rooms that have curiosities in them.  Like a glowing sword that’s embedded in a pillar.  We weren’t too sure about just taking the sword.  We may come back to that.

Another room had these large statues of former lords of Waterdeep.  Dais told us their names were Elyndraun, Ruathyndar, and Onthalass.  Bones rest at the base of the one in the middle.  A broken staff was among the bones as well.  The magic of it was fading, but Baryte took it anyways.

That was about the time we started hearing voices.  It seems we had found where these Undertakers patrol.

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