The Katagri Chronicles: Waterdeep

Disclaimer: These chronicles are session write ups of our Dungeon of the Mad Mage group. They’re told from the journal entries and viewpoint of the character Katagri Rockwall, a Tabaxi Grave Doman Cleric. She excitable. Stutters. Curious to a fault. And she has no idea what she’s doing. (Pretty much like me.) Dungeon of the Mad Mage spoilers may be ahead. Thank you for reading.

The leather is stained and well worn. The words inside are at times meticulously written in a precise and minuscule fashion. Other times the ink blots are bigger. Lines through discarded words are deeper and almost pierce the page.

The change is visibly noticeable nearly a fourth of the way into the tome.

Waterdeep at last! We arrived late this evening. Most shops were closing for the night. That didn’t stop me from wanting to look, but Jewel thought it best for us to find rooms for the night. We could get our bearings tomorrow and find my temple and perhaps a library. There wasn’t much for us to do but rest after the long days of weeks on the road.

She’s right, of course. I’m just impatient. It’s exciting to see what a city this size has to offer. With the amount of people that reside here and travel through here, there is bound to be something new to learn. Maybe there are whispers of…

“Always scribbling,” the sleek, dark Tabaxi commented as she sat down a mug of ale in front of the Tabaxi that was pouring over her books.

“Scr-scr-scribbling is more of a f-f-form of doo-doo-doodling. I-I-I’m wri-wri-writing,” she stuttered back quickly shutting the book and stowing away the quill.

“Same thing in some places of the world. Take an evening to rest, Katagri,” she said taking a swig. “You’re allowed to you know.”

Katagri wiped away some of the foam from the sparse fur around her muzzle and straightened her spectacles. “But it’s f-f-fresh in m-m-my m-m-mind right now. I just d-d-don’t w-w-want to f-f-forget anything.”

“You’re gonna need more of this stuff for that to happen. Be right back.”

Glaive strapped tightly to her back, Katagri watched her friend make her way back to the bar. Before she had even finished her drink, Jewel was bringing back two more mugs for them.

She finished her journal entry partway into the bard’s set. She finally had a chance to look around at the inn they had booked for the night. The Yawning Portal it was called. Named for the gaping hole in the floor. Some folks went in. A few folks came out. Money exchanged hands. It was an odd type of place that the two had never been, but it was clean. They didn’t get too many strange looks and they weren’t bothered. Sort of.

A Priestess had approached their table asking if they happened to be looking for work. They had remained quiet as she asked them to meet with her later in the evening if they had any interest. Katagri quickly went back to her book as the woman left, but Jewel’s eyes had followed the woman around the room as she stopped at other people’s tables.

“Do we n-n-need to leave already?” Kat asked.

“No. I’m curious what this offer is. We currently don’t know how long we’re staying and once we stock up on supplies again, we’re not going to have much between us. Might be worth taking up, at the very least, it’s worth listening to.”

It was something she couldn’t quite argue with, but Katagri found it amusing that her friend that was quick to rage often times had the most sound reasoning of the two of them.

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