World of Warcraft Anniversary Event

Happy Anniversary, World of Warcraft! There’s certainly a party going on in the Caverns of Time and while the event has been live for a little over a week now, there’s still some notes to be had about it.

During the anniversary event, you can run a legendary Alterac Valley. While it’s not completely like the Alterac Valley of Old, it’s pretty close. Rack up 200 points for the achievement to walk away with shiny new updated PVP mounts of the Alterac Wolf and Ram.

Answer lore questions daily for time walking badges.

Run the original world bosses weekly for some gear and more badges.

And the mother of all anniversary events, the Chromie raids for the Deathwing Mount.

Now these are little snippets of the raids where you go to three eras/expansions and take on three of those expansions raid bosses. Don’t fret, it’s not the entire fight, just a little bit of them before Chromie pulls you out and shows you the next fight.

Exalted with Jeeves ran the event twice now. Once during the first week when I picked up my mount and we had some severe bugs *cough cough Ragnaros!*. And once again this week. There’s still a few things to note, like the roles are still bugged a bit. You may not be able to change your role. I was tanking last night with a guildmate and it wouldn’t let me out of the DPS role for the first expansion LFR queue. Thankfully since we had most of the healers in our LFR as well, we didn’t hear much complaining.

Ragnaros looks like he may be fixed, mostly, but I noticed there’s still some confusion on the mechanics, so let me give you some tidbits if you haven’t stepped in there yet to grab your mount.

Let’s start in Burning Crusade for Memories of Fel.

There’s Kael’thas Sunstrider in The Eye. Famous for his Ashes of Al’ar Mount, we miss most of the neat stuff of this fight when we’re brought in. We don’t have to take on his council, or his weapons. We do have to fight his phoenixes and eggs. So, smash those down before he comes back to being target-able. He’ll launch the group in the air and then it’s pretty much smash him down. Easy peasy.

We’ve got Lady Vashj in Serpentshrine Cavern. Originally the last boss of this Raid, this also seems to be one of the longest fights you’ll encounter in this LFR experience.

There are fears, stuns, and poison on the ground. Kill the adds (the striders do the fear.) Shock blast is the stun, which kind of sucks if you’re standing in the poison. So in short, kill adds, don’t stand in crap, kill her faster. 🙂

Last is Archimonde of Hyjal Summit. This guy fears the raid for 5 seconds every 30 seconds, so be prepared to be annoyed by that. There’s not much to this fight. There’s moving fire on the ground, so move around that. You will undoubtedly get feared into the dang thing, so be aware to be able to move out it when you have control again. Use the extra action button for “Tears of the Goddess” which will negate your fall damage if you’re launched into the air. The trick, you want to use it after you’ve fallen about halfway, else you might not actually land before it runs out.

Memories of Frost takes place in Wrath of the Lich King. This is where we admittedly had the most “What the hell is going on here” moments within the LFR.

The second boss of the Plague Quarter in Naxxramas, is Heigan the Unclean…where you really have dance whether you want to or not. Yes, there is an achievement for doing The Safety Dance during this, which you can easily just go solo in the proper raid.

Now this is a mechanic that not a lot of people really seem to grasp, but when you get in there, look at the floor. There’s cracks everywhere. During the fight, Heigan will teleport to the dias and make the floor erupt with fire. He does it in sections. So start to the left. The first eruption will happen you and just move to the right. If you’re watching the cracks, you’ll see where the fire shoots up from so move just past where the fire was into the safe zone, wait for the next eruption, then move over again to the right. There are four eruptions, then you work your way back to the left, doing the same thing. This is the dance.

You’ll go all the way to the right then back again and he’ll come back down from the platform.

He’s also going to teleport back to the platform again and do it all over again, just faster in a bit, so…do the dance.

He’s also going to make the thing explode while he’s down on the floor with you guys too, so again, do the dance. It’s not too hard.

Casters, you’re going to notice that your casting times are going to get slowed down. This is because he has a spell disruption aura that if you’re too close to him, 20 yards, your cast times increase by 300%. So, don’t stand on top of him. No, don’t tank him on the platform. Just do the damn dance. I have faith in you. You can do this.

Anub’arak is hiding in the Trial of the Crusader raid. Under it actually. This wasn’t too difficult of a fight. Fight him when he’s above ground. Kill the adds when he’s submerged. If you’re targeted by him (you’ll have a big arrow over your head) put some ice patches between you and the big spikes popping up from the ground that are heading your way.

Lastly, The Lich King in Icecrown Citadel. The big bad giving most people the issues while all of us want his horse Invincible.

A couple things to watch out for that are doing most raids the concerns, he summons Val’kyr that will come down and snatch up players and drag them to the edge. Kill the Val’kyr before your friends are dropped off the side. Try not to be standing near the edge in case you’re one of the ones being snatched up.

Defile. Dear lord, Defile. He targets a player and casts defile. A big black puddle appears on the ground. The longer you’re in it and the more people that are in it, the bigger it grows. So spread out and GTFO of it when it plops on the ground.

He will run to the center and cast Remorseless Winter. Move to the edges of the platform and destroy the icy spheres as they pop out. Raging spirits will come as well (holy crap the giant bear ones look a little intimidating.) Tank and kill those bad boys.

The Lich King will cast quake, so move in as the platform edges are destroyed again, resume the fight like in the first phase with defile and Val’kyr, although Vile Spirits are now added to the fight. They swarm above then fly down and attack folks. You’re pulled out of the fight shortly after this.

The last set of bosses come from Cataclysm for Memories of Fire.

The ‘Final’ boss of The Bastion of Twilight is Cho’gall. (In heroic, you get one more boss, Sinestra, but for right now, Cho’gall is our last baddie.

He’s going to summon adds, eyeball tentacles, and corrupt you as the fight goes on. There’s kind of theme here to this guide. Kill the adds. Also, interrupt the adds. Adherents cast Depravity which raises the corruption levels. Interrupt that or it’s going to get bad pretty quickly.

Kill the eyeball tentacles as they cast crap at players that will get out of hand the more you have up.

Other than that, not too bad. I’d say stay out of crap on the ground, but you should know that by now. And there comes a point where there is a ton of crap on the ground that you can’t really fully get out of, so do your best. 🙂

I was kind of disappointed in the Nefarian fight from Blackwing Descent for this event. In the raid, Nefarian spends the entirety making jabs and insults at raiders and at the end you face an undead Nefarian who resurrects his sister Onyxia and you have a duo fight as he tries to electrocute you. The fight for this event is lacking pretty much all of that.

When you get in the fight, Onyxia is already dead and Nefarian is in the air, so you need to make your way to the nearest pillar and get on top of it once the lava fills the room and rises. Kill the chromatic Prototype on the pillar. Once all three are dead, the lava drains away, Nefarian lands and you’ll get one or two hits in while he monologues before Chromie pulls you out. This is probably the shortest encounter out of all of them for this event.

Our romp through the raids ends with Ragnaros in The Firelands.

Now there was a pretty nasty bug with this encounter that I think is worked out now. When Sons of Flames would come out, it would spawn more than usual by counting any pets (warlock, hunter, mage buddies) as players. The Raid would get overrun pretty quickly.

There was also one where pushing him into the next phase too quickly would also send out a hellacious amount of adds.

Like the dance for Heigan, go all the way to the left of Ragnaros and start the fight. Fight fight fight. He’ll smash his hammer Sulfuras on the platform and send out waves of fire. Avoid those.

Splitting blow, he buries Sulfuras into the platform and Sons of Flame will appear. (These look like balls of fire first.) Move all the way to the right side of the platform. If the raid has done this, they’ll all be on the left side then have to make their way towards the raid. Take them down.

Repeat on the right side of the platform, then move to the left when the sons come out. There will also be two bigger adds (Lava Scions). Kill the adds again on the left side of the boss.

Meteors will come down and fixate on players, just run away from people and the fight should end shortly after.

That’s pretty much the whole thing and you can enjoy your amazing new anniversary mount. You’ve got plenty of time to get it as the event goes through January 7th for those of us in the Americas. (The 8th for Europe and the 9th for Asia.)

In short, kill adds. Kill more adds. Don’t stand in crap. Kill adds. Get out of crap. And dance.

And have fun. <3

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