Crit-mas Card list is live

While each year I tell myself I’m going to start the Crit-mas Card list earlier, inevitably I fall behind on it and this year is no exception.

We’re gearing up for our annual Crit-mas photo session this weekend which means we’ll be sending out Crit-mas cards very soon! If you’d like some fun, geeky, holiday cheer in your mail box this year, we’d love to send one to you.

The sign up sheet is here. Don’t worry, I wont’ spam, sell or do anything else with your information. Just send you a card. Promise. 🙂

If you’d like to send one back, you can do that too!

You can send it to:
The Scruffy Druid (Or The Scruffy’s)
PO Box 99
Towanda KS 67144

Happy Holidays!

Our 2018 Crit-mas Cards we sent last year

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