Ring Fit Adventure Log-Master of Quests

Knocking on wood over here, but I may have gotten my insomnia down to a manageable level yesterday.  Woo!  Probably a little too early to be thinking that, but I’ve had two days of pretty decent sleep.  Granted, I slept a lot yesterday during the day, but I did get to bed at a decent time and slept most of the night so that’s nice.

Course, it did put a bit of a damper on my whole idea of doing a Mon/Wed/Friday workout and just enjoy the weekends, but it’s fine.  This is fine.

Today is the first day I didn’t dive in to work on the new world I had unlocked.  Instead, I finished up the warp area then worked on most of the quests that were waiting for me from the villagers in Sporta.  They sent me on two mini games and two course runs after I turned in a new smoothie ingredient I had just unlocked the recipe for.  That ended up clearing the world entirely and I was still a little short of my 20-minute goal, so I ran the first course in the next world, which put me past my goal.  I was also just shy of my effort spent being half of my full workout time spent.  I think it would be closer if I started my fit bit workout timer when I get to the game itself, instead of the warmup since it doesn’t look like it counts that.  It certainly doesn’t count the cool down.

Either way, I’m already thinking ahead to next week.  I think Monday I’ll increase the difficulty level. I think I’m just about ready for that.  I’m still feeling pretty good, but I don’t think it would hurt to kick it up a notch.  Regardless, I’m still pretty darn proud of myself for sticking with this so far.

  1. Jessica

    Glad to hear the insomnia is getting better!

    And I’m happy there are side quests and “ingredients” and things to collect. That really adds another dimension to the game so it keeps it’s playability longer. Smart.

    Also, upping the difficulty already?

    • Scruffy

      There’s a lot of things I haven’t played with yet in Ring Fit. There’s the adventure mode that I’m working on, but there’s a multitask mode, you can build your own workouts in a different mode, and then there’s a way to pass the controllers around and play mini games with your friends.
      For as out of shape as I am, it always seems like my body bounces back to being able to handle exercise fairly quickly. I’m half curious to see what the next difficulty level changes or if it’s going to bring on more sweat, so technically it could be a great or bad idea that has me pretty curious. Next week is the start of week four, so I don’t think it would be that far fetched to be able to bump it up.

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