Ring Fit Adventure Log-Merely a Setback

It happened!  I’m sure it will happen again, but I failed on the boss fight for World 3!  NOOOOOO!

I may have been a little too low level for it in the first place but I tried!  I went through all my smoothies that I had just made because I had just unlocked that power for Ring beforehand.  He was down to a small portion of health left but I just could not withstand his attacks through the Ab guard.


It’s merely a setback and we’ll try again tomorrow.  Time to replay a section or two and the mini games to get another level before I go back in.

I’m really happy to see that Mr. Scruffy got back to it today as well.  He was pretty shocked how sore he was after his first go round and gave himself several days to recover.

I think I did a good job grabbing this game for us.

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