Ring Fit Adventure Log-The Whiny Battlecry

A sweaty Scruffy Druid. Seriously. So much sweat.

Somewhere between a drawn out whine and a victorious shout is me screaming “I’m sore!”

I’m usually pretty sore a day or two after using Ring Fit.  Let’s face it, it’s forcing me to use muscles that I don’t use to the fullest every day and when you do several sets of squats, you’re bound to be in a bit of pain.

While a little painful, it’s a good feeling.  It gives me a bit of pride and makes me feel like I’m doing something.  Which isn’t something my brain always recognizes.  

I took the weekend to recover from my setback on Friday and honestly just try to get in a better mindset with everything that’s been going on.  But here it is Monday.  A new week.  A new day.  And that boss was still waiting for me!

How could I say no to that?

We’re a week in to this now and I’m still booting up the game thinking about getting back to the quest at hand, the game’s story.  My brain, while it’s realizing I’m going to get moving here shortly, is thinking about the game aspect.  I need to go try and collect the three big coins.  How can I beat this mini game at the top rank?  What’s the next world going to be?  That’s what I was hoping it would focus on more and forget that I’m being active while I’m focused on video games.

Well played, Nintendo.

So after that setback last week where I didn’t pass the boss fight in World 3, I went back to play the squat jump game and run another course.  This time I started the boss fight at a higher level than I was before and didn’t need as many smoothies (your heart recovery drinks) to get through it.  He couldn’t hit me as hard.  He was only doing 1 to 1 and ½ hearts worth of damage this time instead of 2 like last week.  So either my core was too weak to do the ab guard correctly last week or going in at the proper level makes a huge difference.  Probably both.

I’ve now made it to the world of Sporta.  Yes.  THIS IS SPORTA!  I unlocked two more exercises today, the Ring pull which is similar to drawing a bow string, and the plank. Ugh. Planks. Lol.  I also leveled up to 20 and even had a 20 minute session!  That’s more effort spent in my session today than the ones from last week since I was averaging about 10-15 minutes.  Let’s hope I can keep that up this week.

The new pull exercise for the arms is where I’m feeling most of it today.  Almost immediately after today’s session to be honest.  All up and down my arms to be exact.  Planks? I don’t really want to mess with planks for awhile, but I’ll add it to my rotation soon.

Goals for the week: Try and get at least 3-4 sessions in.  Complete World 4: Sporta.  Shoot for 20 minute effort spent sessions.

  1. Jessica

    I love that your brain is recognizing it more as a game than a workout. How much I dread a workout on some days… Lol!
    Keep us updated. Now I really really want a switch. 💙

    • Scruffy

      Thanks! Hope you pick one up sometime. It’s great to have more friends on it. 😀

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