Ring Fit Adventure Log-This is SPORTA

I really wanted to jump back in the game yesterday, but a crummy 24 hour virus took me down for the majority of the day.  Made for a bit of a cranky tank during our World of Warcraft raid.  Nauseous and tired leads to a cranky Scruffy. (Sorry raid team.)

The Scruffy Druid takes on Ring Fit Adventure, thanks to SuperSiriusXIII

But both Scruffy’s got their workouts in today.  Go Mr. Scruffy!

I went back to Sporta and started trekking around.  It looks like the world has two bosses!  AHH!!!!  You’ve got the main one, Dragaux, then to get one of the powers back that Ring had lost, there’s a boss there too!

Today’s journey took us through three courses (I think?), a mini game to shoot boxes, the mini boss to get the Rowing Power back, and a few levels that lead us to unlocking a new exercise, the Thigh Press!  I did use it a few times today but each time I was worried it was going to slip and shoot across the room.  Gonna take some getting used to for that.

I did power through another 20+ minutes of effort spent!  Definitely on the way to making that goal for this week. I will take it!

Shout out to SuperSiriusXIII for the cute Ring Fit Adventure Scruffy edition!  I screamed when I saw it pop up in discord and then it made me want to go work out some more.  Love it!

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