Ring Fit Adventure Log-Storage

Any guesses if I completed the quest with the Mountain Climbers?

Yeah, that’s a no.  That’s a fail again.

I also died again today.  First time that’s happened since way back in World 3 to Dragaux.  I went down to the Balance Master’s Ball fight, but thanks to a Peach Smoothie, I wasn’t down for the count.

Today’s just been dragging a bit overall.  I didn’t feel overly motivated today, even when doing the work out, but I pushed through and opened up a new world where Dragaux has kidnapped and corrupted the four masters, so I’ll be on my way to save them next time I log in.

Never ending health quest.  I’m for it.

Not necessarily game related, but I’m having an issue with storing controllers.  I’m debating putting a cook on the wall to hang the ring con from and just looping the leg strap around that too.  Right now, we just keep putting it back in the box so the pupscallions don’t mistake it for a new toy.  What’s everyone else doing to store their accessories?  Anyone do something clever?  I’d love to see it!

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