Ring Fit Adventure Log-Stupid Mountain Climbers

Mountain Climbers.  Oh how I hate you.

A Scruffy Screenshot. Level 40. “I work out!”

Mountain climbers are hard for me for two reasons.  One, I’m a bigger gal so getting my knees to my chest is no easy feat.  That’s a lot of thigh running into a lot of stomach under a pile of boobs.  It’s challenging and you get winded pretty easy.

Two, my back problem was two fold with the core muscles not working correctly but also my hips being so tight they pull everything forward.  Good news, I’m getting a better range of motion there since I started doing Ring Fit.  Bad news is, it’s still hampering my range of movement and it impacts the Mountain Climbers.

Those damn mountain climbers are part of the leg workout that is now part of a quest I’m stuck on.  Go to the Leg Gym, do the leg routine which is all the leg exercises I have (Squats, High Knees, Mountain Climbers, and Thigh Press), and score 90 or above to complete the quest.

Since I’m tanking on those Mountain Climber reps, my two attempts at the quest today got me an 89 and an 88.

But it also had my heart rate amped enough to hit a new exercise level today.  Usually my heart rate is sitting in the moderate exercise category that is good for building stamina.  Today it launched past that to Energetic? Exercise.  Woo?

Anyways, that’s frustrating.  I did that gym/mini game/hell on Monday to get to the treasure chest and cleared it with a 92.  To fall short on that quest by a couple points was a low blow.

I’m going to make it the first thing I do next session to see if I can clear it before I  wear myself out doing the adventure.  Fingers crossed.

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