The Sewers

A page from the DM journal:

Rumor has it, years ago a coven of hags made a portion of the sewers their home. They lured children away and stole the infants to birth more hags.

A sorcerer and a band of adventurers came and drove them out. So they said, but they left town the day after.

That was years ago but since the kidnappings stopped, they must have done their job, right? At least, they stopped until about a month ago.

Unmarked Sewer Map

One of the first side quests I made for my group when we had a few weeks where key folks wouldn’t be there and they needed something to do between tasks was this trip into the sewers. With the help of the D&D Dungeon tiles: City, I created this little section that we used in Baldur’s Gate. Ironically it became the scene of where we’d see our first character death, even crazier the player was Mr. Scruffy who was killed by AOE from another party member. (I was worried he’d quit for good at that point! So glad he didn’t.) Every one was so quiet at the end of that session, I was so worried that I shouldn’t have written the side adventure, but everyone was back the next week and working to bring back their fallen comrade.

I’ve finally gotten around to trying to map out my creations and finally put this one down. You could use it any where really with any sort of monsters, but how it was set up to use in our campaign is shown below.

Map Locations:
1. Crocodiles X 3
2. Oblex Spawn (3 or 4)
3. Shiny glint DC 15 to notice (Healing potion or Ring)
4. Adult Oblex X 1
5. Mindflayer Corpse
6. Coven Remains

Happy hunting!

DM’s Map for The Sewers

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