Wednesdays are that halfway marker giving us some hope that a weekend is coming.

Thursdays are for content. They’ve become filled with stories and music from Critical Role, to FrazlCast, to at home Quarantunes.

Fridays, we know why those are celebrated. They kick off the weekend. Here, it’s D&D night. It’s a night of friends and family.

Saturdays are for fun. Day and night.

Sundays are usually full of dread for the weekend coming to an end and Monday looming on the horizon.

Mondays are Mondays. No one really likes them, even if they do provide a fresh start to a brand new week.  Many times they dictate how the week ahead is going to go and we have a lot riding on whether or not Monday’s are good or bad.  Usually they’re family dinner night which has been on hold since stay at home orders started, but they’re also the days of our monthly Twitch Sings.  Over the years they’ve become more welcome than not.

But somewhere down the line, Tuesdays became one of my favorite days.

It probably wouldn’t have been too hard to predict this, what with playing Warcraft for so long and Tuesday being the patch days.  New content? It’s coming on a Tuesday.  New Stories?  It’s coming on a Tuesday.  The day that tab targeting is truly fixed for good?  Most likely going to be on a Tuesday.

Thanks to Exalted with Jeeves, it’s become the first day of the raid days for me.  A time for learning, joking, achievement, and just all around good fun.

But I’ve realized there’s more than just game fun for Tuesdays.

It’s the day two of my favorite comics update.  Radio Silence and Let’s Play.

I don’t even know how I stumbled across these two comics but they’ve become a weekly routine that I look forward to every Late Monday Night and Tuesday Morning.

Radio Silence is about a British Rockband.  Their friendships, the ups and downs, and has a very diverse range of characters that I quickly grew to love.  The art is stunning and the story tackles so many things about life (not all of them pretty or comfortable).  There’s a really good blend of storytelling through not only the text, but the visuals.  They work together incredibly well and the art has the ability to tell the story on its own.

Maybe it’s because of my love of music and the time spent with No Alibi, but however I stumbled across Radio Silence, it struck a chord and has resonated ever since.

Let’s Play may have been one of those things I stumbled across on a Facebook ad.  It got me to download the WebToon app to see what exactly this thing was and I fell down the rabbit hole of the stories that app has to offer.  What grabbed my attention was probably something like He’s a Streamer.  She’s a Game Designer.  He’s made her life hell and now he lives next door.  (It’s been awhile, might not have been something like that.). What did get me was the fun art portraying the both of them and the story that’s been developing.  Getting my copy of Volume 1 from the Kickstarter is one of the things I’m looking forward to in the coming months.  When they put up the next one for Volume 2, you can bet I’ll be jumping on that as well.

Little things, I know. But they make Tuesdays pretty fantastic.

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