Shadows of the End

So this is what the end feels like? She thought.  The world really ends in darkness?

A snort escaped the Worgen’s snout as she stared at the darkened sands below her.  Silence was the only response she received.  How ironic that that darkness around them that brought the incessant whispers with it, that sparked the whispers from the denizens of Azeroth that perhaps this was the world’s final end, was the force that could finally silence the voices of the spirits within her.

That infuriated her the most.

Black fur ruffled as a darker shadow moved over head.  The great worm above patrolling the skies of Uldum sent an involuntary shudder down her spine.  Silent as they may be, they weren’t gone entirely.  The worms chased flying creatures from the sky, trying to ground all to the darkness of the world below.  The Stormcrow had even been pushed from the skies.  Unable to stretch its wings high above the clouds.

The cat, who was by far the youngest had balked at the shadows.  Unable to comprehend the darkness or shut out the whispers, they had retreated first.

The stag and cheetah faltered next.  Their steps unsure, they tripped and bolted at the unknown.

Even the bear, who was the oldest of them all and had seen countless battles and had never shown any fear for as long as the worgen had known her suddenly felt small and powerless.  That growling voice was the last to be silenced.

She let out a growl of her own as she swung her scythe before her.  The sound it made as it sliced through the air had a soothing effect.  Her muscles relaxed a bit.  The frustration that had been building lessened some.

How many times has it been the end? She wondered.

How many months had it been since they had been dragged beneath the ocean and trapped at its floor?  Any moment the waters could have come crashing down and killed them all.  Maybe not all, her at least.  A good force of Azeroth’s mightiest perhaps, but not the entire world.

Sargeras had threatened them all when he’d plunged his sword into the sands of Silithus directly into Azeroth’s core.  That could have ended them all.  If she was being honest, it still could.  There were no plans to remove it or even if they could.  They’d spent quite a lot of time trying to heal Azeroth and believed they had at least stabilized her, but could that sword ever be removed?  Without hurting her anew?

The legion had invaded again.  That threatened them all, but they had gave chase and even though that resulted in that nasty bit with the sword, it was a threat they had handled.

The Emerald Dream had been corrupted and had slowly started bleeding into their reality.  If left unchecked, uncleansed, all could have fallen to nightmare.

Before that was the Iron Horde and the ceaseless tide as they swarmed through the portal.

There was the Sha in Pandaria that were being unleashed and spreading their corruption.

Before that, Deathwing returned and fractured the world.  The fires and devastation threatened all.

Even though her people, the Gilneans, had been hiding behind their wall since the fall of Lorderon, she had heard of the other perils Azeroth had faced.  The great spirits had been there with other druids as they had faced another scourge invasion.  They had fought against another legion invasion. Smaller than the one she had fought in, but at the time, it must have felt like the end of the world with the portal active again and demons streaming into Azeroth.

There was a time the Emerald dragons, fallen in to nightmare had plagued the countryside along with the remnants of the black flight.  Blood gods.  Necromancers.

When the sands shifted and the walls of Ahn Qiraj split open again.

Bear had shared with her the horrors of Mount Hyjal, when the Horde and Alliance stood together to keep that world tree from falling.

And again, before that, when the scourge took over Lorderan, when the Prince had purged Stratholme.

All the way back to the war of the shifting sand…every moment most have felt like the end of the world to those facing it on Azeroth.

And here they were again.  The darkness seeping across the land as the Old God N’zoth reached out to tighten his hold on them all.  It was his influence that brought the whispers.

And ultimately brought the fear.

An enemy that could make you doubt what was real.  It was no wonder the spirits whose strength she had leaned so heavily upon for years were silent. They were scared.

Which made it even more remarkable that for once, her own strength was what held them together.

The Worgen refused to believe this was the end.  Look at everything Azeroth has overcome.  What its citizens have done to combat the darkness each and every time its shadow has fallen over us.  We will always rise to meet these challenges.  There may come a day where we cannot surpass these challenges, but it will not be this day.  Fight with me a little longer and we will see this through together.

As she stood and fastened the scythe back onto her back, she felt them stirring.  A rustle of feathers by her ear.  The flexing of claws.  Eyes full of a fierce, protective rage.  Scared and silent as they may be, they had made it clear they wouldn’t abandon her.  Together. To the end.Leaning forward, she plummeted off the cliff towards the sands below.  As the winds rushed by and the earth rose to meet them, the wings of the stormcrow spread wide to catch them and carry them towards Ny’alotha.

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