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Hi!  I’m Scruffy!  In short, I’m a…

World of Warcraft and Nintendo Switch Streamer.  A member of Girl Streamers, a working Voice artist, Writer, RPer, casual PVPer, aspiring raider, host of the Loot Optional Podcast, Dungeons and Dragons fangirl and aspiring DM, finally a full fledged Critter, I’m married to Mister Scruffy, I’m the mom of the Pupscallion Doggos and the Sirius Cat, a Positive Cheerleader of sorts over on Twitter, and just an all around Scruffy Druid Lady.

The Motto, or mantra, is Do the Thing.  Sometimes, all of the things.

How I came to Warcraft…

When World of Warcraft first came to my attention, I really wanted to play a hunter. Unfortunately, the guy I was seeing at the time forbid me from rolling one because there were “Too many Nelfs with frickin’ cats” already. So I rolled an undead warlock instead, because they were “really hard to play.”

I bounced between a warlock and a rogue through Vanilla, but always wanted to play a druid. One day before Burning Crusade, I hit 60 and healed a ridiculous amount of dead side Stratholme while refusing to become a tree.

Burning Crusade was spent between rogues and priests, but I got that Druid to 70 once I figured out how to be a feral cat, got to do the Epic Flight form quest, fell off of Netherstorm a bunch of times and lived thanks to flight form, and even became a main tank through Karazhan until lack of healers put me back on a priest through the rest of the expansion and through Wrath of the Lich King.

I’ve been an enhancement and resto shaman, a protection and retribution paladin (which ret I will proclaim was awful through out Cataclysm) and I dabbled with DPS as a shadow priest for a bit in Mists of Pandaria before the raid was out of healers once again.

There’s a few things I’m certain of. I still love healing, whether it’s in a dungeon, raid or pvp setting, but I’m trying to work on better a better Balance druid. I still like to Role Play occasionally.  I just like story telling. I still want to play that darn druid and I will probably hate number crunching and theory crafting until WoW is no more.

Shenanigans as told through Bear, Cat, and myself the druid lady, on The Scruffy Druid.